Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Today marks the beginning of Photo Field Trip 2016, and I'm stuck here in rainy Houston.  


Normally I wouldn't complain about being in my amazing hometown, but I really miss my photog friends and I could use a week away from teaching sixth grade to enjoy some California sunshine and soak up some photographic inspiration. 



I'm trying not to complain, but PFT was one of the best experiences I've had in years, and I'm feeling some extreme FOMO right now.  Instead, I've got a few parents to email before I can head home - so I'm just taking a few moments to share some previously unpublished photos from a 120mm roll I shot last year on a Hasselblad 503cw (aka, my dream camera.) 



Jordan + Dereck

When I first met Jordan and Dereck, it was in the backyard of a friend's house during a sweltering summer night. Back then, they were still just a young couple with wisdom to pass on to us. Now, Jordan and Dereck are a sweet family of three.

They asked me to shoot a mini session for them, and I was happy to do it.  It was the first time I'd met their daughter, Aria, who turned one just a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, she is just as sweet in person as she is in photos. 


It's been a busy few months for me. I've been shooting, editing, and delivering new portrait sessions so much lately that I haven't had much free time, let alone thought to actually post and share them. 

This, of course, had to change.

This weekend I sat down and looked at some photos that I've recently taken of local Houston act, RIVERS. They're a fun group both on-stage and in front of the camera. 

They're currently finishing up recording their new record, which will follow their 2013 full-length, Fables in the Slang. It's a great record, and their new material is shaping up nicely.

RIVERS will be performing Thursday, December 10 at The Nightingale Room in Downtown Houston. It's a free show in a small, intimate, but fantastic venue on the main strip. They'll be joined with Daniel Eyes and the Vibes. 

Gato Guapo // Alley Kat - 11.4.15

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of shooting Houston locals, Gato Guapo for their performance at Alley Kat (formerly The Mink.) 

I recently rented out a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm lens from Photo Rental Source, a company opened by my old photo classmate, Carl. I've been wanting to purchase one for a while now and figured I'd better photograph in as many settings as possible to see what the camera could do, especially since I'm sometimes photographing bands when covering a show for Houston Press.

That's why, when I saw Gato Guapo would be playing, I jumped at the chance to shoot them live. Alley Kat is one of the harder clubs to shoot at in town, coming in third behind House of Creeps and the cavernous downstairs room at Fitzgerald's. I knew that if I was going to really test out the camera, this would be one of the best ways to do it.

I first saw Gato Guapo play over the summer at a warehouse in Houston's East end. It was noisier, grittier, and I was taking it all in quietly -- the way I normally do when I see a band perform for the first time. Since then I've listened to their debut release, Foolish Mortala number of times, but even still I'd forgotten how much movement there would be on-stage.

In terms of shooting a live band, getting to photograph a band like this is a bit of a dream. There was a lot of emotion displayed, and it's always interesting to see how well some bands communicate on-stage. Simply put, it's not every day that you get to be behind the lens when a band like this is performing . 

I've got some more photos I really love below, but if you like them, please make sure you check out Gato Guapo on Facebook, give their music a listen, and maybe even come out to a show or two.